Meet our team

5AM’s investment professionals possess strong scientific, medical, operational, legal and financial expertise. Our complementary backgrounds provide us with a unique edge to find and shape life science portfolio companies.

Investment Team
  • Kush M Parmar, MD, PhD
    Managing Partner
  • Andy J. Schwab
    Managing Partner
  • Michael Calore
    Partner, Head of Investor Relations
  • Brian Daniels, MD
  • Deborah Palestrant, PhD
    Partner and Executive Chair, 4:59 Initiative
  • Paul A. Stone, JD
    Partner, Chief Legal Officer, Chief Compliance Officer
  • Anna Yaeger
    Partner and Head of Public Equities
  • Nicoletta Agostino
    Senior Financial Analyst
  • Jessica Alfano, Esq.
    Director of Operations and Senior Corporate Counsel, 4:59 Initiative
  • Lindsay Ziegler Antonio
    Compliance Manager
  • Anthony Arceci, PhD
    Research Analyst
  • Kamila Bajerski
    Assistant Controller
  • Andrew Booth
    Venture Advisor
  • Jacquelyn Brough, CPA
    Senior Vice President, Finance
  • Caroline Chamales
    Executive Assistant
  • Kevin Corsini Rosewood
    Office Manager and Administrative Assistant
  • John D. Diekman, PhD
  • Britt Inga Emerson
    Investor Relations Manager
  • Max Farina, MD
    Senior Associate
  • Mason Freeman, MD
    Venture Partner
  • Steve Hitchcock, PhD
    Venture Partner
  • Michelle Ho, PhD
    Operating Principal
  • Jane Johnstone
    Legal Manager
  • Peter S. Kim, PhD
    Venture Advisor
  • Jennifer Kozub
    Operations Manager and Executive Assistant
  • June H. Lee, MD FACCP
    Venture Partner
  • Elliott Levy, MD
    Venture Partner
  • Jack Liu, PhD
    Senior Research Analyst
  • Joe Loscalzo, MD, PhD
    Venture Advisor
  • Chrisoula Markoulakis
    Executive Assistant
  • Vamsi Mootha, MD
    Venture Advisor
  • Bella Nittolo
    Office Coordinator and Administrative Assistant
  • Kori Rahaim
    Vice President, Head of People, 4:59 Initiative
  • Scott M. Rocklage, PhD
  • Paula Soteropoulos
    Venture Partner
  • Katie Bodner Spielberg, PhD
    Senior Associate
  • Brian Stefanowicz, CPA
  • Aniqa Tasnim, PhD
  • Arthur Tzianabos, PhD
    Venture Partner
  • Joseph J. Victor
    Venture Advisor
  • Jenny Wang, CPA
    Director, Tax
  • Jonathan Weissman, PhD
    Venture Advisor